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Cause of headache
The most common type of headache with headache is “tension type headache”. If the cervical spine arrangement is bad, a strain is placed on the muscles of the neck, muscles from the head to the neck and shoulder become strained, and when the blood flow gets worse, fatigue substances accumulate in the muscles, which stimulates the nerves and causes pain. Muscle tension is likely to occur due to mental stress such as continued taking the same posture for a long time or worrying and anxiety. Also, eyestrain, tooth engagement, pressure by eyeglasses, pillow that does not match height may be the cause.

Are not you suffering from such symptoms?
I can not let go of medicine for headaches
Echoes to the throbbing head
The back of my eyes and temple hurts
Headache occurs when shoulder stiffness becomes severe
Headache has occurred on a regular basis since injuring such as whip striking
My head hurts when I wake up in the morning
The head hurts because of weather and climate change
Migraine is diagnosed at hospital
I feel tired from parenting or my head hurts
It hurts before menstruation
There are symptoms such as symptoms, do not improve even if you see a doctor at the hospital, have given up with many years symptoms.
More than 80% of unknown headaches are said to be coming from the neck.
Headaches from the neck also have various causes. (Shoulder stiffness • bone • joint misalignment etc.)
Among them, pain, tinnitus, dizziness caused by “deviation of the cervical vertebra” has been drawing attention in recent years.
Even if there is abnormality in joint displacement or movement, it does not appear in X – ray or MRI.
Indeed, many of the headaches that will not heal even if the headache is seen in the hospital
It is understood that it is a symptom caused by “deviation of the cervical vertebra”.

What is “Characteristics due to deviation of the cervical vertebra”?
In the cervical spine, seven spines are lined like a lumber, and joints connecting the spine and the spinal column between each one, such as joints and intervertebral discs, have joints that move only 1 mm to a few millimeters.
The most characteristic feature of the cervical spine is a transverse process called a lateral borehole, and there is a blood vessel that sends blood to the head called vertebral motion / vein.
When the joint around the cervical spine is caught and the movement gets worse, this time it is necessary to cover with other joints, so other joints lose the correct movement in a chain. At this point, distortion of the body is occurring.
Especially, it is easy for twisting to occur at the superior vertebrae / axes in the neck, leaving the abnormal state as it is, distorted and twisted place squeezes vertebral motion and vein, The container becomes excited, causing headache • tinnitus • dizziness.
In this case, headache accompanied by pain in the stiff neck, neck pain, headache worsening after continuation of bend, headache heading when you sway your head, headache that comes out when you warm up etc. after taking a bath.

If you have left a headache …
Once a headache occurs, the muscle stiffness and the poor blood flow are amplified more and more by pain, and it will end up in a vicious circle that the headache will become worse and lasts forever. Also, headache is a common symptom everyone has experienced. Although many things are not worried repeatedly, there are many scary headaches that are life threatening when left alone (headaches caused by illness such as brain: subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain tumor, chronic subdural tumor, marrow There is also bleeding due to membrane flame). In our hospital, we are trying to locate the fundamental cause of headache and treat it with immediate effect.

Our hospital treats from the root cause (distortion, displacement) of the fundamental spine and recovers it early. Please contact us.

















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