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Low back pain



For low back pain treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment at Nura City Shuri smile acupuncture clinic.


Low back pain treatment is one of our specialty areas.


For Japanese people, back pain is now a national disease, and there is a reality that “about 15 million people” are being forced to live with pain in their lower back.


Where will you go first when you have low back pain?


First of all, where is the medical institution to consult for the first time after becoming low back pain?


Probably, I think most people first go to orthopedics or general hospitals.


Lumbar pain is often a sign of various diseases, and in that sense it can be said that merit is possible in that one who was consulting orthopedic surgeon can concentrate on treatment before going to osteopathy.



But there are hidden pitfalls where evils caused by beliefs will occur here.



In fact, back pain is considered to be less than 20% of the total cases in which abnormality can be confirmed by image diagnosis.




This is a figure that was actually figured out from clinical data at the Orthopedic Society several years ago.


Most back pain is not caused by bone or joint abnormality that can be confirmed by X – ray.




However, in orthopedic surgery still image diagnosis is the first in low back pain treatment, and the patient receives an explanation about abnormality such as distortion of own lumbar vertebrae while watching the image,
It is almost the case that diagnoses that it is the cause of low back pain.




Then, the patient assumes the cause of back pain as abnormality in the joints and bones of the waist such as the lumbar spine and the intervertebral disk.




The fundamental cause is very often not understood by diagnostic imaging of X – ray and MRI.



In order for a patient to look to the true cause of low back pain and improve it, we need to be confident that our own lumbar spine and intervertebral disk are healthy.




When your abnormality is pointed out in front of your own X – ray or MRI image, the patient ‘s head is strongly input information that his / her joint is bad.





If you believe that pain is coming out due to joints and bones, even if there are other reasons, it will be difficult to improve your turn with their eyes on the cause, so back pain It becomes hard to heal.





Before going to orthopedic surgery or hospital first, treat and consult to Naha City Shuri Smile acupuncture clinic. You can also treat low back pain not reflected in X – ray and MRI.




How many are you?



It is painful to sit on a chair for a long time because of the back ache …


I feel pain on my back just by standing …


Pain runs at the waist when you stand up …


Feel incompatible with waist just by walking …



My back hurts in the morning when washing my face …



If you have such back pain, please consult our hospital without hesitation.




“I am good at low back pain treatment”.





The waist is said to be the key of the body and hurts your back so that it will interfere with everyday life.




Even if you have a mild low back pain, it will be worse, but it will not get better. Please feel free to consult as soon as possible if you feel something wrong on your waist.





If you can deal with it early, you will not need to prolong it, and it will take time to heal after you become gikkori waist (acute back pain) at the moment of moment.




Please do not give up and come to our hospital for back pain.




















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