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About oversensitivity to cold (disorder of autonomic nerves)

About oversensitivity to cold (disorder of autonomic nerves)
It is cold and he cannot sleep a fingertip and a tiptoe.
he gets and comes out to a slightly cold place, and upsets health.
Blood circulation is always bad and gets tired easily.
A cause oversensitive to cold
Oversensitivity to cold happens in many cases, in order that "blood may not be prudent to all the corners of the body."
The management whose amount of blood is medical with the illness of little arteriosclerosis and heart when a blood flow is not good is required of anemia.
It is in being satisfactory in the heart, internal organs, and the amount of blood that it is oversensitivity to cold.
90% of the persons that it is oversensitivity to cold are said for "disorder of autonomic nerves" to be the cause.
"Autonomic nerves" is "nerves which control functions, such as circulation, breathing, digestion, perspiration and regulation of body temperature, an endocrine function, and metabolism."
Two, the sympathetic nerve and a subexchange nerve, interlock, and it keeps our body normal.
If eating habits and sleep become irregular and a mental stress starts, the balance of the power relationship of these two nerves will collapse, and it will cause poor health, such as the cold, feeling languid, giddiness, and constipation.
"Oversensitivity to cold" is the sign for which not a constitution but autonomic nerves are confused.
At this , condition is prepared by returning autonomic nerves to a normal state.
Condition oversensitive to cold (disorder of autonomic nerves)
The case where other unpleasant condition is being interlocked with oversensitivity to cold is almost the case.
Although room temperature is warm, only its hand and foot are cold.
It is cold and he cannot go to sleep hand and foot easily night.
It does not wake up shapely but feels feeling languid in the morning.
Stiffness of the shoulder and a head is felt strong.
Diarrhea and constipation are ち.
Giddiness and lightheadedness are started.
Irregular menstruation and a menstrual pain are severe.
It is easy to get tired and falls mentally.
Although there is no name of a disease with formal "autonomic imbalance" then, it is that the balance of the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve is confused, and adjustment of body temperature or the amount of hormone becomes impossible.
Various condition including the cold appears as the result.
please consult about those out of whom it came with the above condition and who have been improved also with neither a hospital nor medicine to this 院 once.
Medical treatment oversensitive to cold (disorder of autonomic nerves)
It is important for oversensitivity to cold to discern condition and a type correctly.
It is caught in detail in what kind of living environment the reason autonomic nerves are confused is.
Moreover, the cause by which blood does not spread to the blood vessel of an end is confirmed by palpation.
A bodily distortion and cellulite also cause oversensitive to cold.
According to a cause and condition,  (massage), manual therapeutics, and an acupuncture and moxibustion therapy are performed.
loosening the portion stiff by (massage) and adjusting a bone to the right state  — circulation of blood is improved [ a needle or ] by giving a stimulus to a jar by moxa cautery.
If the body and a lifestyle are ready, work of autonomic nerves will also return to normal automatically.
The operation of this  aims so that the body can function in the best state.
I want the direction which worries about the cold or feeling languid for years to regain "comfortable sleep and fresh waking."
Every day filled in vitality is wished I would like you to send.
Please recommend this , if there are those who are families and worry about oversensitivity to cold.

















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