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Stubborn stiff shoulder treatment is also performed at Smile Acupuncture Osteopathic Surgery in Shuri,


Stiff shoulder is strong only on the right (left) side whenever you are on a PC!
Headaches will definitely come when the stiff shoulders get bad!
The shoulder is stiff from the time I woke up …
Shoulder hurts when the weather gets worse.
Stiff shoulder with a cooler
There is always a stiff shoulder with a pillow and bed.

Cause of stiff shoulders
If you continue taking the same posture on desk work etc, the neck, shoulders and back muscles get tired. Then, fatigue substances such as lactic acid accumulate in the muscles, the muscles tightly stiff and tense. Also, lack of sleeping and stress makes the muscles tense and heaps of fatigue substances.
Such fatigue of muscles causes symptoms such as muscle tightness, stiffness and dullness. When getting up in the morning and going to work, there are also situations where it is said that the shoulder is heavy and irresistible. Basically, there are few people who do not have a stiff shoulder, so there are people who suffer from the shoulder stiffness no matter how young they are. However, there is no way that this shoulder stiffness can be ruined fundamentally. That is exactly the skeleton correction around the neck and shoulders. At Smile Acupuncture and Osteopathy Surgery in Shuri, Naha City, elimination of stiff neck can be promoted with skeletal correction without pain.

Structure of stiff shoulders
If you have stiff shoulders …
When stiff muscles squeeze blood vessels, it becomes poor circulation, and the stiffness becomes worse. Peripheral nerves are hurt, causing pain and numbness to occur as jeans. How to feel stiff shoulder changes depending on the season and the weather. Please feel free to contact Smile Acupuncture and Osteopathy Academy in Shuri, Naha City. ☎ 098 – 884 – 6161

Head and facial symptoms
Pain in the back of the neck to the head to the temporal side occurs, pain in the back of the eyes or eyestrain tend to occur. When the berries and pain become strong, it will cause nausea and feel sick. Dizziness hearing loss etc will also occur. Taste and the like will also change as it gets worse.
Symptoms of neck and shoulders
When the motion of the spinal joint behind the cervical spine is reduced or deformed, pain, stiffness, sagging and discomfort may occur in the back from the back of the neck, sometimes in front of the chest.
Symptoms of arms, hands
Pain from shoulder to hand, fingertip, numbness
About age-old shoulder stiffness
Although there is a cause of bone distortion from the time of young age, deterioration of distortion becomes inevitable even if sending a healthy health to daily life if becoming a society person. Therefore, if it is not possible to improve the distortion that progresses on a daily basis, it is unavoidable that the improvement becomes remarkably difficult each time the stiff shoulder becomes older. However, when I am young, I do not think much seriously, but as I become aged, I can not help thinking seriously because the symptoms worsen. This means that the symptoms are becoming chronic as you grow older, and many of them will often become less likely to restore the distorted skeleton. Therefore, it is necessary to promote appropriate preventive treatment at medical institutions, but with regard to prevention of shoulder stiffness prevention and prevention of symptoms worsening, there is only skeletal correction from the early stage because it is difficult to dissolve the drug.
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